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Inmates hold beauty pageant at Brazilian women's prison

Women serving time at a prison in Rio de Janeiro have swapped their jail cells for the catwalk as they took part in a beauty pageant.

After having their hair and make-up done, 10 pre-selected inmates from the Talavera Bruce detention facility walked down a red carpet in two different outfits and were judged for their beauty, sympathy and attitude.

In the audience, the prison's 440 other inmates and relatives applauded the participants with smiles from ear to ear.

Some of the contestants. Credit: APTN

The contest's prizes included a fan, a blow dryer and a hair straightener.

Eventual winner Mayana Alves, who is serving time for theft, said the prizes were nice, but she would have preferred her freedom back.

"Everyone is very happy to be with their family," she said.

Pageant winner Mayana Alves with her mother. Credit: APTN

"I feel nervous and at the same time happy.

"I just wished I had also won freedom as well and I would have taken my sash with me out of here."

The event aims to improve the women's self-esteem and is an opportunity to unite them with their family members whom they seldom see.