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Tug collides with passenger plane at Glasgow Airport

The icy conditions were said to be the reason for the tug to collide with the plane. Credit: PA

A towing vehicle has hit a passenger plane at Glasgow Airport after skidding on ice.

The incident involved a British Airways plane which was preparing for take-off during in icy conditions.

The runway was closed for 45 minutes after the collision which took place at 20:45 GMT.

An airport spokesman said the runway and taxi areas were cleared following the accident.

But conditions also affected flights at the airport, with several delayed by freezing conditions.

The aircraft was stationary at the time of the collision and there are no reports of any injuries.

Emergency services attended the scene and flights were suspended until taxiways and runways were cleared.

A tweet by Air Live said: "British Airways Airbus A319 (flight #BA2965) collided with a tug at Glasgow Airport, possibly due to icy conditions.

"Emergency services still on scene. All operations suspended - flights holding and diverting to nearby airports."

A spokesman for Glasgow Airport said: "The airfield has experienced flash freezing tonight along with multiple rain showers. A departing flight to Gatwick was cancelled following a minor incident on stand with a tug as a result of the freezing conditions.

"We can confirm that at no time were there any staff injuries, as was reported on various social media sources. Emergency services attended the incident as part of our normal operating procedures for any incidents involving aircraft. Our priority remains safety of the airfield and its operations and we apologise for any disruption caused.

"We will continue to carry out de-icing throughout the night."

A spokeswoman for British Airways added: "We have apologised to our customers for the delay to their flight, after the tug towing their aircraft slid on ice and came into contact with the aircraft.

"Our customers disembarked the aircraft normally and we are now arranging hotel accommodation for them. The airport suspended operations so that they could assess the icy conditions.

"Engineers will check the aircraft for any sign of damage before it is cleared for future operations."