Britons among 22 injured after nightclub floor collapse in Tenerife

Firefighters work amongst the rubble of the nightclub. Credit: Bomberos de Tenerife

A number of British nationals have been injured after a nightclub floor collapsed in Tenerife.

Twenty-two people were hurt during the incident on the popular Spanish island in the early hours of Sunday.

Emergency services on the Canary Island said revellers had fallen "about one storey" into the basement of the building.

It occurred when a hole approximately four square metres wide opened up in the floor.

Among the injured were people with broken legs, hips and ankles.

The collapse left 22 people with various injuries. Credit: Bomberos de Tenerife

Pictures from the scene showed rubble which had fallen from above completely covering the floor under the dance-floor.

The FCO said that "a number" of Britons had been injured in the incident.

However the extent of their injuries is not clear yet.

An FCO spokeswoman said: "We are in contact with a number of British nationals who have been injured in an incident in Tenerife and are offering consular assistance."

Spanish nationals, two Frenchmen, a Belgian and one Romanian were also among the hurt.