A traffic officer who clung onto a van hanging over a motorway bridge with his bare hands until help arrived has said it was "just another day at the office".

PC Martin Willis was first on the scene of the accident where the vehicle had crashed on the edge of a bridge on the A1(M) in North Yorkshire early on Friday morning.

With the driver trapped inside and winds risking rocking the van over the edge of a sheer drop onto the bust A64 below, he hung on for dear life to keep it steady until back-up arrived.

PC Willis wen tviral after he tweeted a picture showing him pulling on the wheel.

The driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Credit: West Yorkshire Police

"After holding on to the vehicle to stop it swaying in the wind I can't begin to describe my relief when @WYRFS arrived on scene!," he wrote.

The brave officer said he had acted automatically to protect the life of the trapped driver after chancing up on the incident.

I was holding onto it for about 15 minutes…it seemed like a lot longer. I was just hoping, praying that this van’s not going to go over. You could tell that it was balancing. I suppose it wasn’t until afterwards that I really thought ‘How would I have felt if that had gone over?’ It’s just a lot of things going through your mind. It was pretty frightening but that’s just what we do. It’s just another day at the office. >

PC Martin Willis
Emergency services were on the scene for some time. Credit: West Yorkshire Police

The driver of the vehicle was taken to hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries in what police have described as a "terrifying ordeal".

The incident happened on the Northbound carriage between Bramham and Boston Spa and caused traffic delays.