Obama photographer Pete Souza talks us through iconic pictures

Credit: Pete Souza

The man who photographed the presidency of Barack Obama has talked ITV News through some of his most iconic pictures.

Pete Souza, who documented Obama's eight years in the White House as his official photographer, has released a collection titled 'Obama: An Intimate Portrait'.

During that time he recorded meetings with world leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and David Cameron - as well as a future King, Prince George.

As well as snapping meetings with the most powerful people in the world, Souza also captured the president in more personal, intimate moments.

One picture, taken just before Obama's inauguration, shows the president sharing a moment with his wife Michelle.

The night of Obama's first inauguration in 2008 Credit: Pete Souza

"I love the fact that they're sharing this semi private moment, and the staff and the secret service in the background are trying not to look," he says.

The photographer is clearly counted as one of Obama's dear friends now, after all the time they spent together.

Obama shaking hands with Prince George Credit: Pete Souza

In the foreword to Souza's book, Barack Obama has written: "Over those eight years, Pete became more than my photographer: he became a friend, a confidant, and a brother."