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Profumo affair's Christine Keeler dies aged 75

Christine Keeler has died aged 75. Credit: PA

Christine Keeler, the woman at the centre of the Perfumo affair, has died aged 75.

Ms Keeler helped bring down a failing Tory Government thanks to her part in the Profumo affair, which rocked the Establishment and convulsed Westminster in 1963.

John Profumo was was forced to resign as War Secretary and quit Parliament all together after the story of sex, intrigue and espionage emerged.

John Profumo was forced to resign. Credit: PA

A world of sex, horse-play, drinking orgies and spying in high places was revealed, as Ms Keeler shared her favours with Mr Profumo and Commander Eugene Ivanov, a Russian intelligence officer and the Soviet assistant naval attache in London.

The result of a call-girl sleeping with both the War Secretary and a Soviet spy was serious security breaches.

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Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, refused to believe that Mr Profumo was involved in such a sordid story until the latter admitted he had lied to the Commons in March 1963 when he denied any impropriety with Ms Keeler.

The revelations saw an already tired Tory government staring down the barrel of an election defeat the following year.

Although her name will forever be associated with the Profumo scandal, Ms Keeler disappeared from the scene and for years lived either at Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, or at a dingy flat in Chelsea.

She was married twice and had two sons. One of her sons, Seymour Platt, confirmed his mother's passing on Facebook, he said: "As many of you know my mother, Christine Keeler, fought many fights in her eventful life, some fights she lost but some she won.

"She earned her place in British history but at a huge personal price.

"We are all very proud of who she was."