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This Christmas, each family are expected to spend more than £475 on gifts, but with a 25% rise in victims reporting online shopping fraud to the police last year. Tonight reporter and former police officer Dan Clark-Neal reveals the cons you need to be aware off this festive season.

With electrical items high on many Christmas lists, Will Wright from Electrical Safety First reveals how counterfeit items not only cost the economy £17.3 billion per year, but can also lead to serious accidents.

Will discusses that a staggering 98% of fake iPhone chargers tested by Electrical Safety First failed due to serious safety issues.

Don't be conned by dangerous fake iPhone chargers this Christmas Credit: ITV/Tonight

“It’s very very tempting to go for the cheapest possible option. But (for) just a few pounds more, getting a genuine product from a reputable retailer, can potentially save your life.”

– Will Wright, Electrical Safety First

Sometimes it’s not the items you're buying that are the problem: it’s the retailer.

Dan investigates the case of Donna, who believed she was buying a mobile phone from a seller on Facebook. After transferring £315 of her hard earned cash, the seller went quiet. Dan aims to track the online scammer down, with his investigation leading him to their Mother, who’s says she’s shocked by what she hears.

Facebook are still investigating the matter.

Donna believed she was buying a mobile phone from a seller on Facebook Credit: ITV/Tonight

Gareth Shaw from Which? recommends:

“When it comes to buying goods online, we advise that you never pay for them by bank transfer, and that’s because there’s no legal protection for you if you are being scammed or if something goes wrong”.

– Gareth Shaw, Which?
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