Damian Green 'to keep his job' after investigation into sexual misconduct allegations

I am told by three well-placed sources that Theresa May’s deputy, the First Secretary Damian Green, will be informed on Wednesday by the Cabinet Office and his boss the Prime Minister that he does not need to resign.

It follows allegations from former police officers that in 2008 there was porn on his House of Commons computer and from the journalist and academic Kate Maltby that he behaved inappropriately with her.

According to several members of the Government, no other women have presented evidence against Mr Green.

And the police testimony does not prove beyond all doubt that it was Mr Green himself who was watching the porn on the parliamentary equipment - which should not have been used in this way.

For the past several weeks the senior Cabinet Office civil servant Sue Gray has been examining whether Mr Green breached the ministerial code of conduct and failed to meet the standards of his office.

“It looks as though he’ll be OK,” said an authoritative source.

“Damian won’t have to resign,” said another. “The confirmation is expected on Wednesday”.

Sir Michael Fallon chose to quit over reports of his previous conduct with women. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister will be deeply relieved that arguably her most important and loyal colleague will remain in his post.

Her defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon chose to quit because he felt his historic conduct with women was not becoming of a minister with responsibility for the military.

Some Brexiteers in the cabinet and the Commons may be disappointed that Mr Green is expected to keep his job - because he was an ardent remainer and argues in Cabinet for a softer Brexit than they want.