Four Iraqis win damages over treatment by UK troops during Iraq invasion

Four Iraqi citizens have won High Court damages against the Ministry of Defence related to their treatment during the invasion of Iraq.

Claims were brought alleging they were unlawfully imprisoned and ill-treated by British armed forces.

A judge in London ruled they were entitled to compensation under the Human Rights Act, with one of the men being awarded more than £30,000.

After Mr Justice Leggatt's ruling, lawyers said the result of the four test cases could form the basis of settlement of more than 600 unresolved claims in what is known as the Iraqi Civilian Litigation.

The Ministry of Defence have paid more than £20 million to cover compensation claims against the British military during the Iraq war.

Some 1,471 claims brought by Iraqi nationals between 2003/04 and 2016/17 were settled, according to a Freedom of Information Act request.