Labour's journey to the softest of Brexits

Here is another sign that Labour is on a journey to support the softest of Brexit and even possibly backing for a second referendum.

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell revealed in a meeting that he has reviewed the party's last manifesto to assess whether its proposals - its planned nationalisations of energy, rail and Royal Mail for example, or its desire to set up a National Investment Bank that would support small businesses and innovation - would become impossible if the UK remained in the single market or indeed inside the EU.

He told those present that very few of Labour policies would be impossible if the UK stayed in the single market as a member of EFTA (like Norway) or if Brexit were never to happen.

John McDonnell said very few of Labour's policies would be impossible under a Norway model. Credit: PA

"That felt significant to me," said one of those at the meeting.

That said McDonnell also made clear that he and Corbyn are some way yet from announcing that Labour will become the party of the Norway model or a second referendum.

"The impression they gave was that they did not want to lead public opinion in that direction, but would go there if that is what voters signal they want in coming months."