It was "touch and go" if Lucy Jarvis would survive the serious injuries she suffered in the Manchester bombing in May, but now she has returned to thank the medical staff who treated her.

Lucy took presents to the doctors and nurses at Salford Royal Hospital in order to show her gratitude towards them.

The teenager suffered serious injuries to her legs and internal organs in the explosion and needed 14 hours of surgery.

Medical staff had numerous conversations with Lucy's family about the possibility that she might not survive.

"They saved my life, really, didn't they? So it's nice to give something back to them," Lucy said.

It took her three months to be fit enough to get out of bed and she has undergone months of rehab as she continues her recovery.

Nurses were given present by Lucy. Credit: ITV News+

"It was very much touch and go. In fact we had several difficult conversations with Lucy's family at the time to express our concern that there were lots of different reasons why Lucy might not survive these injuries," said Professor Gordon Carlson.

Nurse Becky Rigby described Lucy as being "an absolute pleasure" to look after.

Things are improving for Lucy, she said: "I'm doing OK; I've got back to walking better, I can bend my knee again and I've made a lot of progress from since I had the operation."