Father and son embark on historic Antarctic adventure

Credit: FTP Edelman

After getting into the record books by becoming the first man to walk to both the North and South Poles, Robert Swan vowed to hang up his walking boots.

Nearly 20 years since completing that feat however, he is back in Antarctica, this time with his son.

They are trying to make history again - by becoming the first people to walk to the South Pole using only renewable energy.

Spurred on by his son Barney's passion for battling climate change, the team have a NASA-designed tool for melting snow, and special bio-fuels to help them keep warm and cook a hot meal in the sub-zero temperatures.

Sadly Robert, 61, felt he was slowing the team down so returned to base camp, but he will rejoin his 23-year-old son for the final 60 miles on January 8.

Robert Swan using bio-fuels in Antarctica Credit: FTP Edelman

"I'm a bit low, a bit sad," he said, reflecting on having to return to base camp. But he added he is proud of his son, and the plan is to inspire more young people through Barney's story.

Credit: FTP Edelman
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