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'It's an amazing feeling': Taxi driver celebrates after winning nearly £25 million on the Lotto

Imagine starting the New Year with a bank balance of £24,501,283, well that's the reality facing one lucky taxi driver from Gloucester.

Amo Riselli, 50, won £24,501,283 in last Wednesday's lotto draw after matching five main numbers and the bonus ball.

ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman spoke to Mr Riselli and his sister Lisa about the life-changing win and his plans for the future.

Earlier, at a press conference after picking up his cheque, Mr Riselli described the "amazing feeling" of finding out he had won the jackpot.

He had visited his local shop to check his tickets when the terminal made an unusual noise.

"I have always said: 'One day this machine is going to start smoking red hot because I will have hit the big one.'

"I can't believe that it's actually happened to me for real! I then called my brother Marco. I was shaking like a leaf and I told him I'd won £240k.

"He said he didn't understand how that could be as he'd already checked his own ticket and didn't remember that winning amount.

"He asked what numbers I'd got and when I told him he cried: 'You've won the whole jackpot of £24 million.'

"It's an amazing feeling and I'm absolutely over the moon."

Life changing: The taxi driver has now decided to retire. Credit: PA

After sharing the news with his family - including mother Maria who turns 80 in February, his four brothers and sisters and his five daughters - he called Camelot to confirm his win.

Due to the busy festive period, Mr Riselli still had a few regular taxi runs to do over Christmas, but unsurprisingly has now decided to retire.

"I will miss all my friends at work as we really have a laugh together, but I've decided I'm going to retire - just because now I can."

He plans to arrange a big get together as a thank you for all his colleagues from the Grosvenor taxi rank, where he was self-employed for 12 years.

Mr Riselli pictured with his sister Lisa at the Hatherley Manor Hotel. Credit: PA

Mr Riselli also wants to buy a bigger house with a swimming pool, treat all of his close friends and family and take a trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas.

But despite this new-found wealth he insists he is still "the same normal person".

"I may now be a multi-millionaire but I am still the same normal person I always was, just with a bit more loose change in my pocket."

Mr Riselli plans to treat his family and friends. Credit: PA

The Lotto jackpot is capped at £22 million and once it is reached the sum has to be won in the next draw.

Mr Riselli did not have all six numbers but since the top prize had to be won, the jackpot rolled down to those who had matched five numbers and the bonus ball.

The main numbers for the Wednesday 27 December draw were 18, 36, 48, 57, 58, 59 and the bonus ball was 50.