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Diets: New Year, New You? - Tonight

Diets: New Year, New You? is on ITV Thursday 4th January at 7:30pm Photo: ITV/Tonight

With such a huge variety of diets now available Helen explores which are the best for you and whether diets really are the answer to losing weight.

‘Somebody can follow a diet - even a fairly strict diet, probably for up to a few weeks maybe - and they will lose weight on that diet. They then come off the diet - because they are not sustainable in the long term - and they find that their weight increases again and they quite often put on more weight than they had originally in the first place’

– Jennifer Low, The British Dietetic Association

In the programme, Jennifer - who is from the British Dietetic Association (the BDA) - has identified a number of diets the BDA feels that, while they may be fine in the short term, are unsustainable over the longer term.

Jennifer Low, British Dietetic Association Credit: ITV/Tonight
  • Ketogenic Diet - "This is very, very low in carbohydrate only about five per cent of the energy intake is coming from carbohydrate….Absolutely people will lose weight on this diet but it is not sustainable in the long term."
  • Alkaline Diet - "They think that by eating this food you can change the pH of your body and actually make yourself more healthy - it’s total rubbish…..the whole sort of science that this diet is based on is actually flawed."
  • Raw Vegan Diet - "‘The issue that we have with the raw vegan diet is the fact that the foods aren’t being cooked. Some of those fruits and vegetables are actually a lot better when they are cooked."

She learns all about personalised DNA testing which could potentially make dieting a thing of the past.

‘ have gene variance which are linked to poorer response to higher amounts of saturated fat, so you would be more predisposed to being obese. People with the version [of the] gene that you’ve got are usually about three kilograms fatter than most people but that is only true if they have a lot of saturated fat in their diet and they don't exercise.’

– Craig Pickering, Head of Sports Science, DNAFit

And Helen returns to Liverpool John Moores University to find out the results of our ‘fat burning’ pills test.

Helen returns to Liverpool John Moores University for the results of Professor Graeme Close's 'fat burning pills' experiment Credit: ITV/Tonight

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  • Diets: New Year, New You? will be broadcast on ITV at 7:30pm on Thursday 4th January.