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The Syrian baby with one eye who is now in danger of losing the other

The Syrian civil war has inflicted untold misery upon thousands upon thousands of children.

Three-month-old Karim's plight could not be clearer.

ITV News first met Karim in November last year after a bomb killed his mother as they looked for food in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta.

Karim survived but lost an eye and he is now at risk of losing sight in the other unless he receives urgent medical attention.

"The doctor told me that Karim needs urgent retinal surgery to save his right eye and not be blinded," his father told ITV News.

Eastern Ghouta came under renewed attack on Tuesday, with video footage emerging of a young child being rescued from underneath rubble.

The continued bombardment has left many children in similarly perilous situations to Karim's.

"There are hundreds of children here in East Ghouta who share Karim's situation," his father says.

"We hope that we get the chance to give them the medical care they need.

"I will try to find a way out for Karim."

The youngster is now at risk of losing sight in his other eye. Credit: ITV News
This child was rescued from underneath rubble after shelling.
Karim shortly after he was injured during government shelling.