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Victims of black cab rapist John Worboys demand say over his release

Victims of John Worboys want a say over his release. Credit: PA

Victims of black cab rapist John Worboys are demanding they help set the conditions of his release.

Some of those attacked by the 60-year-old want his movements curbed and a ban from Greater London altogether.

The decision to release Worboys after nine years in prison, announced last week, has been criticised by many of the 102 complainants.

Some of those accused the Parole Board of failing to inform them, while the Crown Prosecution Service was forced to defend its handling of the case.

Lawyers on behalf of the victims have now written to the head of the Probation Service, which is set to meet with the police on Thursday, asking for a say on the conditions of his release.

Lawyer Richard Scorer represents some of the victims.

Some of Worboys's victims described themselves as "cheated and betrayed" after news about his release became public.

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed Thursday's meeting between the Probation Service and police will take place but denied that any final decisions will be made there.

An MOJ spokesman also said that victims would be given the opportunity to have their say.

Some of those want restrictions on Worboys's movement and the former cabby never to be allowed in the capital again.

The cab previously used by Worboys. Credit: PA

Richard Scorer, a lawyer representing some of the complainants, told ITV News: "John Worboys, we know, had details of the addresses of many of his victims.

"He was a taxi driver who was dropping them off home and we know that he kept a notebook with many of those details.

"We don't know whether he still has that information - he may well do.

"And of course that puts women in such a situation of feeling at particular risk."

Worboys was found guilty of 19 charges of drugging and sexually assaulting 12 women passengers, in one case raping a woman. Not all allegations formed part of the case.