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Welsh town sets its sights on eliminating single-use plastic

  • Video report by Wales & West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

A Welsh seaside village has already begun a drive to eliminate single-use plastic.

The Government has set out plans to stop avoidable plastic waste within 25 years, but the town of Aberporth, on Wales' west coast, wants it gone much sooner.

The first step is changing how the village shops.

Plastic straws are being phased out in favour of paper ones, and wooden clothes pegs are being promoted.

Glass bottles have already replaced plastic pints of milk in local shops - and residents are looking at ways to replace the larger plastic bottles.

Glass milk-bottles have replaced plastic pints. Credit: ITV News

Gail Tudor, from community group Plastic-free Aberporth, says if every resident stopped the use of just three plastic items a day it would make a huge difference.

"Even if you start with one - make sure you always take your bag with you when you go to the supermarket," she told ITV News.

"Maybe when you're in the supermarket try and find the stuff that's not already in a plastic bag.

"Everybody can find something they can do and it's not really an excuse to say 'well it's not my problem', because it's everybody's problem."

Residents pick up waste of the town's beaches. Credit: ITV News