British doctor Elma Wong 'cries herself to sleep' after working in war-torn Yemen

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery

"I cry, and sometimes I cry myself to sleep."

That's how young British doctor Elma Wong deals with the emotional toll since she returned to the UK from war-torn Yemen.

Last November ITV News met Dr Wong in Yemen, where she was helping to save civilians injured in the civil war.

She was in the country working for charity MSF - Doctors Without Borders - and shared the heartbreaking story of trying to help a badly-injured three-year-old girl.

"I see that half her stomach is hanging out of her, and then I turn her on the side and I see that half her backside is just injured," Dr Wong said.

"And I look at her face and she's a three-year-old girl."

Despite her best efforts, the young girl she battled to save died four days later.

Dr Wong is now back in the UK, where she works as an anaesthetist at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, but her experiences still haunt her.

"This is a problem happening to a generation of people, you know she was three years old and she was born into a war and she died in a war

"She knew nothing apart from living in fear."

Despite the trauma she has witness, Dr Wong is determined to return to Yemen, as the conflict rolls into its third year.

"Do I want to go back?', yes why wouldn't I?" she said.

"Why wouldn't I want to go and help these people?"