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Teenage driver found alive in remote wreck after father hires helicopter and follows a hunch

A teenage driver has been pulled out of a remote car wreckage alive after his father followed a remarkable helicopter hunch.

Samuel Lethbridge, 17, was trapped for 30 hours while his Australian family frantically searched for him after he failed to return home from a Saturday night out.

With no report of a road accident and police notified of the missing person, Tony Lethbridge expanded the search and hired a helicopter to trace the bushland along a local road in New South Wales.

"An accident happened there about five years ago or something like that and it stuck in my mind and I thought the same thing, if I do, you know, I can't leave him out there without looking," Mr Lethbridge said.

Samuel Lethbridge's sister and father said discovering him alive in his car was 'so much relief'. Credit: APTN

The best guess directed Mr Lethbridge's brother, Michael Lethbridge, to the exact spot where Samuel had gone off the road.

The teen was found alive but trapped in shrubland off the Pacific Highway, around 12 miles from his home.

He had an agonising wait to be cut out of the vehicle by emergency crew.

Samuel suffered multiple fractures and was in a serious condition after surgery.

But Megan Lethbridge, Samuel's sister, said among the family there was "so much relief that he was alive".