Wallaby gives police the hop on Sydney Harbour Bridge

A plucky wallaby gave an officer the runaround in a daring dash across the Sydney Harbour Bridge - with police left bemoaning a clear traffic violation.

The fast mover in lane eight enjoyed the freedom of one of the world's most famous landmarks just before 5am.

And he refused to be slowed down by the law as he deceived an officer then nonchalantly hopped from lane eight to one before suddenly turning off.

As New South Wales police pointed out, it was a clear case of refusing to indicate.

"Traffic controllers from the Transport Management Centre monitored the wallaby as it hopped across to lane one and, without indicating, exited onto Cahill Expressway then to Macquarie Street," a statement said.

The runaway wallaby made it all the way to the city's Conservatorium of Music in the Royal Botanic Gardens before being taken in.

"Officers took the startled macropod into police custody near the Conservatorium of Music, with the Police Mounted Unit arriving on scene soon after to take it to the zoo for veterinary assessment," police explained.

Officers believe the wallaby had made it onto the public bridge from a nearby golf course.