'I can go for days without speaking': One woman's experience of loneliness as Government takes action

Janet Credit: ITV News

"I can go for days without speaking to anybody," explains Janet.

Along with more than nine million people in the UK, the 71-year-old suffers from loneliness.

Sometimes, she says, she goes to the supermarket just to have someone to speak to, if she did not, she believes she could easily go for months without speaking to another person.

On Tuesday, Janet went for a walk on London's Oxford Street, simply because it is busy and there are lots of people around.

So pressing is the issue of isolation that Theresa May has appointed a minister for loneliness, an idea recommended by murdered MP Jo Cox, in a bid to tackle the misery felt by many.

Ms Cox, who was murdered by a far-right terrorist, campaigned repeatedly before her death as she looked a methods to combat loneliness.

Tracey Crouch has become the first person to be appointed to the position.

The Prime Minister has also confirmed that a cross-government strategy to find ways to stop people feeling lonely will be published in 2018.

On Wednesday, Mrs May held an event at Downing Street to celebrate Ms Cox's legacy.