Donald Trump issues 'fake news awards' list as he is likened to Russian dictator Joseph Stalin

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Donald Trump has published his list of "fake news awards" winners - a day after being likened by a Republican senator to Joseph Stalin for his approach to press relations.

The US president's attempt to name and shame his critics in the US media for "unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news" was published on the Republican Party website.

The record weight of traffic to access the 11-article list soon crashed the website after Mr Trump promoted it to his 46.8 million Twitter followers.

Which reports made Donald Trump's 'fake news winners' list?

CNN reports earned four spots, while the New York Times appeared twice and ABC, Time, Newsweek.

Several of the articles listed had already led to apologies or published corrections by outlets Mr Trump has regularly condemned for their coverage of his time in office.

The US president, whose claim to have invented the "fake news" term is itself disputed, issued the following list with capitalised emphasis of the alleged misreporting:

The list came as the bestselling book about Trump's White House, Fire And Fury, was green lit to be turned into a TV show.

Mr Trump has condemned the book's author Michael Wolff as "mentally deranged" and "who knowingly writes false information".

His promotion of the "fake news winners" on Twitter and criticism of "some very corrupt and dishonest media coverage" was followed by praise for "many great reporters I respect".

Republican senator Jeff Flake, who drew the comparison to Russian dictator Stalin in a Senate speech, said Mr Trump's description of the press as an "enemy of the American people" was "shameful" and "repulsive".

Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, another prominent Trump critic in the senate, said the president's attacks on the media "provided cover for repressive regimes to follow suit".

The media opposition to Mr Trump has seen the New York Times include a rolling list of inaccuracies or disputed claims from the US president.

Mr Trump's list of "fake news reports" was followed by 11 claims of his administration's achievements.