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Wolf recaptured after escaping from animal sanctuary

The wolf has been caught. Credit: PA

A wolf which escaped from an animal sanctuary after a fence blew down has been recaptured after five hours on the loose.

Torak, the wolf, was attempting to make his way back to the UK Wolf Conversation Trust sanctuary in Beenham, near Reading,.after roaming free when the 12-year-old animal was captured.

The wolf was encouraged into a trailer by Teresa Palmer, 62, who founded the sanctuary around eight miles away from the park.

She said: "The fact he went through a field of sheep on his way shows he would never be a threat to the public."

The animal escaped from a Berkshire sanctuary. Credit: PA

Police had warned children from a nearby school not to go outside afTorak escaped.

Members of the public were instructed to not approach the animal, which freed itself.

The emergency services were called to the scene near the centre on Picklepythe Lane at 8am on Thursday.