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Hurricane-strength winds cause chaos across northern Europe

Storm Friederike has caused transport chaos across parts of northern Europe, as hurricane-strength winds and heavy rain batter the continent.

In western Germany, Cargospotter filmed planes struggling to land as gusts blew small jets from side to side.

Many were forced to abort landings several times before finally getting their wheels on the ground, while others had to divert to different airports entirely.

Lorries were blown over in the wind. Credit: AP

Eight people, including two firefighters, have been killed so far in storm-related incidents.

The firefighters, both from Germany, were helping with the clean-up response when they died.

Another victim was killed in a crash caused by a gust of wind which blew his van onto the other side of the road.

The roof of a supermarket in Germany was ripped off by the wind. Credit: AP

The storm also hit the Netherlands before crossing into Poland, leaving behind it a trail of devastation.

Roofs were ripped off, lorries were toppled and trees were uprooted by gusts of up to 90mph.

In one incident, caught on CCTV, a mother walking with a pram had a very lucky escape when a tree blew over directly in front of them, completely missing the pair but leaving them surrounded by debris.

In this street in the Netherlands, a tree crushed a man's parked scooter. Credit: AP