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'His heart beats with the American people': Donald Trump supporters more passionate on inauguration anniversary

  • Video report by ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore

"What we see is a man whose heart beats with the American people, who has given up his lifestyle... because he wants to help America," says one avid supporter.

One year on from his inauguration, in 12 months which have seen him scarcely out of the world's spotlight, Donald Trump's supporters are even more passionate about him and his cause than before he entered office.

Alice Butler Short, founder of Virginia Women for Trump, believes that the president will "go down in history for what he has done for this country".

Alice Butler Short is the founder of Virginia Women for Trump Credit: ITV News

One of the reasons the 71-year-old's supporters still back him, is that he is "doing what he put out to do" and they believe it is working.

"Just look at the stock market," John Steinmetz, who had never voted until he did from Mr Trump, explains.

Lawrence Napoli, the owner of a pizzeria in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, also points to the economy for his continued backing of the billionaire, citing example of supermarket chain Walmart offering $1,000 bonuses and raising its minimum wage for employees in the wake of tax reform legislation.

The "economy doing wonderful" is the main reason why Mr Napoli is so supportive of the 45th US President.

"I think this is one of the best times ever... it's amazing having him as president," he enthused.

Lawrence Napoli and Alex Neffue both believe Mr Trump has injected optimism into the US. Credit: ITV News

Alex Neffue, an employee of Mr Napoli was similarly supportive of President Trump, "everyone has faith in this country again", she explained.

Trump supporters also believe that the President is standing up for America on the world stage.

"When it came to the nuclear button, he played Kim Jong-un's game better than he did... and that's part of the reason why you've seen some of the changes they've made," conservative lobbyist Phil Bell said of Mr Trump's actions towards Mr Kim and the recent thawing of relations between the two Koreas.

Phil Bell believes Mr Trump has helped the thawing of relations between the two Koreas. Credit: ITV News

But most of all, Mr Trump's supporters believe he is still on his path to "Make America Great Again".