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May's Government timid and lacks ambition, Tory MP says

Theresa May is facing fresh criticism from within her own party. Credit: PA

A Conservative MP has accused Theresa May of timidity and a lack of ambition in the latest attack on her leadership.

Nick Boles warned the Prime Minister it was "time to raise your game" and claimed her government "constantly disappoints" in a tweet posted on Friday afternoon.

The attack from a usually loyal Conservative MP has reportedly sent shockwaves around Westminster and will be viewed with deep concern in No 10.

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Mr Boles listed the decision not to challenge black-cab rapist John Worboys's impending release, the housing crisis and NHS funding as reasons for the broadside.

The Grantham and Stamford MP was a close ally of former prime minister David Cameron and served in his administration from 2012 to 2016.

The attack comes just a week after Mrs May attempted to reboot her leadership with a government reshuffle, only to face Cabinet ministers who refused to budge.