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Macron says UK can have bespoke Brexit deal but it can't 'cherry-pick' between models

Emmanuel Macron said the UK could have it's 'own solution' but cannot 'cherry-pick' between models. Credit: PA

The French President has said the UK can get a bespoke Brexit deal - but it won't get access to the single market unless it retains open borders.

Emmanuel Macron said the UK could have it's "own solution" but there could be no "cherry-picking" from elements of different models.

"You cannot, by definition, have the full access to the single market, if you don't tick the box," he told the BBC's Andrew Marr show.

He said that benefits of any final agreement would depend on what Britain is "prepared to put on the table" in return".

"There is no cherry picking in the single market," he said.

"To get full access to the single market you need contribution to the budget, and you have to accept the freedoms and four pillars and have have to accept the jurisdiction."

The CBI says staying in the customs union is 'consistent with the referendum result'. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister has ruled out remaining in the single market and customs union after Brexit and is seeking a bespoke deal to preserve as many of the benefits of EU membership as possible while allowing the UK to control its borders and strike trade deals around the world.

The EU has previously indicated that the only options available are a Canada-style trade deal, or Norway-style single market membership which would entail continued free movement and payments to Brussels.

Mr Macron today urged the UK delegation to "be much more concrete" in laying out its plans.

He also reiterated that Britain can still change its mind and can back out of Brexit altogether.

Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the the CBI, will lay out a warning to Mrs May Credit: PA

His remarks come after business chiefs at the CBI urged Theresa May to keep the UK in a customs union with Brussels as they warned that time is running out to strike a deal over Brexit.

Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the business group, told the Peston on Sunday news show that it was time to "revisit" some of the red lines previously laid down by the UK Government.

"In looking at this hard choice around Customs Union or not, the value of our frictionless trade within the European Union is worth more than having the potentially unknown value of trade deals in other parts of the world."

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She is set to warn in a speech tomorrow that businesses are "deeply apprehensive" over a lack of progress and urgent steps towards an agreement are needed.

Ms Fairbairn will argue that staying in the customs union "is consistent with the result of the referendum and would be good for EU firms too".

The CBI will call for concrete steps towards a transitional deal by the end of March and a framework for the future trading relationship with Brussels must be set out by October.

The CBI says business needs a clear understanding of the way forward. Credit: PA

Mrs May has made clear that she does not intend to keep the UK in the single market or the customs union.

Liz Truss, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, rejected the CBI's criticism.

She told Robert Peston: “If we remain in the customs union, we can’t run and independent trade policy, we can’t get the best possible deal on a trade deal with America or the Far East where a lot of the new opportunities are emerging," she said.

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A Department for Exiting the European Union spokesman said the UK is "confident of negotiating a deep and special economic partnership".

"We have already made good progress, having reached an agreement with the EU on a range of issues such as citizens' rights and the financial settlement."