Amazon launches first checkout-free AI-powered supermarket

Amazon has opened its first checkout-free artificial intelligence-powered supermarket.

The concept of Amazon Go was announced more than a year ago and on Monday it began operating in the bottom floor of the company's Seattle headquarters.

Shoppers scan the Amazon Go app on their smartphone at the turnstile, select items off the shelves and then leave without visiting a traditional checkout.

A combination of computer vision machines learning algorithms and sensors allow the retailer to see what people have chosen and charge their accounts appropriately.

Items available include ready-to-eat breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, as well as some grocery staples like bread, milk, cheese and chocolates. Amazon Meal Kits can also be purchased.

There are still employees in the store making food, stacking shelves and helping customers.

The new shop covers 1,800 square feet, adding to Amazon's growing physical presence in the grocery industry following their purchase of Whole Food and its 470 stores last year.

Amazon also has bookshops on the high street and shopping centres.

They had originally hoped to open Amazon Go in 2017, but delayed it in order to fine tune the technology, allowing time for company employees to test it out first.