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Migrants risking death crossing Alps from Italy into France

Hundreds of migrants from Africa are taking dangerous mountain routes through the Italian Alps to cross into France.

Many migrants risk serious injury or even death as they face freezing temperatures and snow drifts.

Often the travellers are unprepared for the perilous conditions when they undertake the journey to France.

Migrants are opting increasingly to cross the mountain border as French authorities makes it more difficult for them to pass freely from Italy.

Groups of French volunteers have now set up patrols on their side of the border to help ensure safe passage for migrants making the journey.

Hundreds of migrants are now crossing the Alps.

While the numbers of migrants arriving in Europe has dropped overall, a total of 171,000 arrived in Italy in 2017.

In recent years many have made the onward journey north to France.

Last year 100,000 migrants claimed asylum in the country.

But in recent months France has effectively closed its borders to the migrants - making it more difficult for them to enter via Italy.

And with increasing numbers choosing to take the mountain roads through the winter months the chances of many of them not completing the journey alive is also growing.

The migrants face treacherous conditions across the Alps.