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Bargain Holidays: What's the Truth? - Tonight

Bargain Holidays: What's the Truth? is on ITV at 7:30pm (Thursday 25th January) Photo: ITV/Tonight

Nearly two thirds of Brits are planning on booking a European holiday this year, but prices for Spanish holidays are expected to rise 5%-10%, according to experts.

So how can you get the best possible price, without falling victim to one of the scammers trying to separate you from your money?

In Bargain Holidays: What’s the Truth? - Tonight reporter Adam Shaw investigates the truth behind the bargains.

We hear a cautionary warning from Sheeba Gharda who was defrauded of £750 when paying for her holiday villa using bank transfer.

When she and her family arrived in Spain they discovered she’d been given a fake address - the fraudster had stopped replying to her messages.

“We went round and round and round following these directions and there was nothing there. It never felt at any point that I was being conned”.

– Sheeba

“The most important thing to say is never pay by bank transfer. If you do that, it’s almost impossible to get your money back.”

– Rory Boland, Which? Travel Magazine

But when it comes to booking, where should we be looking to travel this year for the best prices.

“We are hearing quite a lot of buzz around Montenegro this year. More unusually we have heard some good things about even the Polish Riviera”.

– Joel Brandon-Bravo, Travelzoo
Adam meets experts, who give advice on the best places to book bargains this year Credit: ITV/Tonight

And how you pay for your holiday can be crucial when it comes to being protected against the crooks.

Adam meets Tristan and Heather, who returned from South Africa with their two children to discover a credit card bill for £33,000, almost 10 times more than what they were expecting.

“We used to pay for our holidays with our debit card and it wasn't until we heard of someone else going away and losing some money that I suddenly thought I’d best pay for our trips on credit card”.

– Tristen

Thankfully, their bank took the hit.

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