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Blind Yeovil fan, 93, will be cheering on from the stands even though she can't see the action

As sporting minnows Yeovil Town take on football giants Manchester United tonight, keen fan Audrey Dyson will be cheering from the stands.

The 93-year-old season ticket holder always makes it to the match - even though she is totally blind and cannot watch the action.

Instead, she follows the game via a portable radio while soaking up the atmosphere through the cheers of supporters.

She say that being a part of the team's fans allows her to be part of a social community and she loves being there on match day.

"I enjoy it ever so much listening to it on my radio, it doesn’t matter the fact I can’t see what’s happening."

Yeovil Town will be taking on Manchester United tonight. Credit: ITV News

Tonight's match will be extra special for followers of the Somerset team as they host superstars Manchester United for an FA Cup draw.

Like many fans of the League Two side, Audrey says she can't wait for the game and is still holding out for a miraculous win.

It’s very exciting – but goodness me I hope they don’t score a lot of goals against us.

I said to Nigel, it would be alright if it was nil-nil just before half time and then we got a penalty and scored.

That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

– Audrey Dyson