The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have gone head-to-head in a penalty shootout of bandy, a form of ice hockey, as they begun their Scandinavian tour.

Dressed in bobble hats and winter coats, William and Kate took to the ice, via a red carpet, in the snow-covered Vasaparken in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Being six months pregnant did not deter Kate from showing her competitive side, but while she is known to have been a keen hockey player at school, this time she lost to her husband two goals to one.

The royal couple started their day with a traditional toast, a hot drink carried in a flask in a briefcase known as a "Bandy Portfolio" and watched a bandy match, later joining youngsters for the penalty shootout.

The Duchess of Cambridge also handed out drinks to the young players and later the couple posed for a photograph and spoke briefly to onlookers.

Kate joins some of the younger bandy players Credit: AP

Although popular in Sweden, bandy developed in England in the 19th century, where it was mainly played by football clubs, an influence still in the game's rules.

It involves 11 players a side on a rink similar in size to a hockey pitch, and uses a ball rather than an ice hockey puck.