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Key moments from Prime Minister's Questions as Thornberry and Lidington stand in

  • Stand-ins take to the stage
David Lidington and Emily Thornberry during PMQs. Credit: ITN

Theresa May's absence meant David Lidington, the Cabinet Office minister, led PMQs while Labour's Emily Thornberry took Jeremy Corbyn's slot.

Both were in a combative mood, with some viewers suggesting the stand-ins were more effective than the usual participants.

  • Robin provides flurry of excitement

The appearance of a robin provided an early flurry of excitement.

The bird soon disappeared however, with the noisy exchanges perhaps too much.

  • Thornberry pokes fun at Tory turmoil

Ms Thornberry relished the opportunity to poke fun at the current Tory infighting.

She reminded Mr Lidington that at his last PMQs appearance the Tories were 17 points ahead.

"What a difference a year makes!" she joked.

Referring to rumours that Tory MPs want rid of Theresa May, she said: "If the party opposite is so proud of having a female leader, why are so many of them trying to get rid of her and why has she had to run away to China to get rid of them?"

Mr Lidington responded by congratulating Ms Thornberry for remaining in her post when "97 of her colleagues have resigned or were sacked."

  • Should the voting age be lowered?

Emily Thornberry focused her questions on pushing the case for 16 year olds to be allowed to vote.

Labour would reap the electoral benefits if the voting age was reduced, as some pundits, including our correspondent Paul Brand, pointed out.

  • 'I'm the only Emily elected since 1918'

As the 100th anniversary of the women's suffrage approaches, Mrs Thornberry reminded the chamber that she was the only Emily elected since 1918, while Mr Lidington was one of 155 Davids.

She pressed the government to do more to increase women's representation.

Mr Lidington said Mrs Thornberry raised a serious issue but pointed out that the Tories have had two female leaders while Labour has had none.