In Pictures: 'Super blue blood moon' seen across the world

A "super blue blood moon" or luna trifecta has been witnessed by large parts of the world.

The rare lunar event occurs when a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon happen at once.

The reddish colour is caused by sunlight getting refracted, or bent, towards the moon, causing some blue light to be filtered out, leaving red light visible.

It could be seen in eastern Europe, Australia, Asia and some parts of the United States.

There will not be another super blue blood moon until 2037.

Here are some pictures from across the globe.

  • London, UK

A super moon rises over the City of London. Credit: PA
  • Manila, Phillipines

The super blue blood moon sets as lava cascades down the slopes of the Mayon volcano. Credit: PA
  • New York, United States

A supermoon pictured by The Statue of Liberty in New York. Credit: PA
  • Yangon, Myanmar

The moon rises behind Myanmar landmark Shwedagon pagoda. Credit: AO
  • The Gaza Strip, Palestine

A supermoon rises over the north of the Gaza Strip, Palestine Credit: PA
  • Tallin, Estonia

The view from Tallinn in Estonia. Credit: PA
  • Bielefeld, Germany

The moon shines bright over St Mary's Church in Bielefeld, Germany. Credit: PA

Missed the super blue blood moon? Watch it here: