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Rescuers free 900 miners trapped underground following thunderstorm

A worker from the Beatrix mine returns to safety. Credit: AP

Around 900 miners trapped underground for two days after an elevator was put out of action by a power cut have been freed.

The workers were left awaiting rescue from the gold mine in Free State province, South Africa, following a thunderstorm on Wednesday.

All the workers have now been returned to safety, with a number of cases of dehydration and high blood pressure.

Safety concerns continue to surround the mining industry in South Africa, home to some of the world's deepest mines.

The Beatrix mine, in Welkom, goes as far down as 1,000 metres below ground.

Company spokesman James Wellsted confirmed that the miners had been successfully rescued.

"Everyone is fine, there were minor injuries and a bit of dehydration but that's all," he said.