Coastguards save woman trapped on car roof at high tide

Coastguards saved a woman's life after she became trapped on the roof of her car when it was submerged during high tide.

Lifeboat services were called to reports of a woman stranded on a beach between Beckfoot and Mawbray, Cumbria, on Saturday morning.

Video footage showed the woman, who could not swim, sitting atop the vehicle which was completely under water.

Rescue services made their way safely around the car before reaching the woman and pulling her onto a boat.

She was later treated for hypothermia.

Coastguards said the woman was treated for hypothermia. Credit: Silloth RNLI

Silloth RNLI said that they were requested to attend the scene by Belfast Coastguard at 10.41am.

An RNLI spokesperson said: "Upon arrival the crew could see the casualty on top of a vehicle and they quickly established a safe route around the car in order to rescue the casualty.

"Crew members entered the water to re-position the casualty in order for the lifeboat to recover the lady, who could not swim."

Coastguard Steve Henderson said: "The lady was very lucky, especially with the fast incoming tide.

"If it had been a few minutes later we could have been looking at a different outcome. Defiantly a life saved by all involved."

It is not clear why the car had been on the beach.