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'Poo Watch': Police keep regular eye on drugs suspect who refuses to go to toilet for three weeks

Police say the man will eventually have to go Credit: PA

A drugs suspect being held by police has become the unlikely subject of internet speculation because he has refused to go to the toilet for more than three weeks.

In what has been dubbed online as "poo watch", officers from Essex Police's Operation Raptor West have been updating the public on the man's movements, or lack of them, via Twitter.

The man, who was arrested in Harlow Essex on January 17, is charged with two counts of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply.

Police believe he swallowed a stash of class A drugs before his arrest and want to keep him in custody until he goes to the loo.

Unlike the suspect, Operation Raptor West's Twitter feed has proved remarkably regular.

A tweet from Day 19 reads "male doesn't seem to understand that eventually he will need/have to go".

There was "still no movement" on Day 20 and on Day 21, police said they intend to apply to court to have his custody further extended "should he not produce anything".

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Officers said the man was being seen daily by doctors and constantly watched, adding: "This is his own choice and so far his health is fine."

But the plight of the man, who police believe is involved with a London gang, has given rise to its own hashtag: #PooWatch.

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Chief Superintendent Paul Wells, Essex Police's lead for Operation Raptor, said: "Drug dealing and a gang lifestyle is not glamorous.You'll be exploited, be the victim or perpetrator of violence, you'll spend your days wondering whether a rival dealer or police officer will find you first.

"You'll be expected to courier and deliver drugs and that might involve you swallowing or carrying them inside you, which is particularly dangerous.

"If you are arrested and suspected of having drugs inside you, we can and will keep you in custody until you produce them.

"It's important that Essex Police continues to highlight the reality around drug and gang-related crime."