Once again, there is concern over whether we can trust how meat is being labelled.

ITV News has learned tens of thousands of customers are being contacted over the latest example of food mislabelling.

It has happened at DB Foods Ltd, which supplies produce nationally.

We've established that even after inspectors started to investigate, it took eight days to alert consumers.

This recall is underway after beef, pork, lamb and venison products were mistakenly labelled with the wrong use-by dates.

The meat affected was sold via the MuscleFood.com website and delivered to customers between January 25 and February 3.

Some 63 meat products are affected and ITV News has been told 21,000 customers who bought meat from the site are being contacted.

Consumers are being advised not to eat the meat and they are being refunded.

The website was supplied by its sister company DB Foods Ltd.

They say it was an "isolated incident" on a "small number" of products, now remedied.

There's no evidence of illness and they are co-operating with inspectors, who have found no further problems.

We've established the Food Standards Agency uncovered this problem during a routine unannounced inspection that began on January 31 - yet it was eight days before consumers were told.

Although new supplies were halted, some customers could have eaten the meat before being alerted.

This is bound to lead to questions about whether officials are acting rapidly enough.

The Food Standards Agency says it took time to establish all the facts.

For more information on this recall visit:

  • http://www.musclefood.com/productnotice/

  • https://www.food.gov.uk/news-updates/news/2018/16897/muscle-food-recalls-certain-meat-products-due-to-incorrect-use-by-date-labelling