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Jacob Zuma won't follow orders to resign as President ahead of no-confidence vote

  • Video report by ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine

Jacob Zuma has indicated he will not follow orders to quit as President immediately and will force Parliament to go ahead with a planned no-confidence vote.

The beleaguered South African leader indicated that he won't follow orders from his ruling party to resign by the end of the day in a defiant live interview.

Mr Zuma said "I will be out" if he fails to survive a no-confidence motion planned for Thursday - a measure his ruling ANC party had hoped to avoid.

In his first public comments since he was formally recalled yesterday, he said he had done nothing to deserve his treatment.

"I think it is unfair," he said in a live interview with state broadcaster SABC.

"There's nothing I've done wrong. What is the problem? I don't understand."

The ANC want to replace Zuma with his current deputy Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa. Credit: AP

Mr Zuma did not said he was still waiting for clear reasons as to why senior party members were trying to force him out.

He also accused the party of failing to follow its own rules in trying to remove him, and suggested that turmoil over the party leadership could create splits among the ANC.

The president has been discredited by corruption scandals but has been clinging onto power.

He said today that he was willing to stand down but had demanded a transition period of around six months before he formally left - something that his party said they were not prepared to consider.

Leaders of the ANC have already ousted Mr Zuma from the head of the party, and hope to replace him as President with his current deputy Cyril Ramaphosa.

However, the President's refusal to cede power willingly could cause ructions within party members loyal to him and those who favour change.