The passing of Prince Henrik a colourful consort to the Danish Queen

Prince Henrik of Denmark was known to be unhappy with his official title Credit: AP

He occupied a position similar to that of the Duke of Edinburgh - consort to the Queen, but never called King.

But whereas Prince Philip has never expressed in public a wish to to be King, Prince Henrik of Denmark did.

So the months preceding his passing, have not been without controversy.

The French-born husband of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, died last night. He was 83.

The Danish Royal Family said in a statement: "His Royal Highness Prince Henrik died Tuesday, February 13 at 23.18 at Fredensborg Castle."

Fredensborg is a royal residence north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Earlier this week, the palace had warned he'd been moved there to "spend his last days".

Prince Henrik (right) said he did not want to be buried next to his wife Credit: AP

Prince Henrik had developed a lung infection, but had also been diagnosed with dementia last year.

A month before that, in August, he had controversially announced he did not want to be buried next to his wife.

The spouse of a King or Queen would normally be expected to be buried in Roskilde Cathedral - in a town to the west of the capital.

The Queen, however, has accepted her husband’s wish.

Prince Henrik had repeatedly said he was unhappy with the official title he was awarded in the Danish Royal Family, Prince Consort, rather than King.

He even decided to drop the Prince Consort title shortly after he retired from public duties in 2016.

Prince Henrik's rather flamboyant style was not always well received Credit: AP

Prince Henrik’s outspoken manner, and his rather flamboyant lifestyle, meant he had a rocky relationship with the people of a country known for their humility and egalitarian views.

He spent a lot of time at a vineyard at his French chateau, which did not go down well with many people in Denmark.

The Duke of Edinburgh is a descendant of the Danish Royal Family. His grandfather, King George I of Greece, was actually a Danish prince installed after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

King George was born in Copenhagen as Prince William of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.

Philip’s tall appearance and fair complexion can be put down to his Danish heritage Credit: PA

It explains Philip’s tall appearance and fair complexion - particularly when he was younger.

Prince Henrik of Denmark married Margrethe in 1967 before she became Queen. He learned Danish and tried to find his way in the royal court.

The couple have two sons: Princes Frederik and Joachim.

Both sons and Queen Margrethe were at his side when he died.

It would be safe to say, Denmark has lost a colourful member of its royal family.