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Earthquake felt across parts of the UK

How the earthquake was detected by a seismometer at the British Geological Survey Credit: British Geological Survey

An earthquake with a 4.4 magnitude has hit south Wales, with tremors felt in other parts of Wales and England.

It was the biggest earthquake to hit the UK in a decade, the British Geological Survey said.

The BGS said the earthquake hit at 2.31pm on Saturday, with the epicentre 20km north of Swansea. It had a depth of 7.4km.

It was felt across Wales, the Midlands, and the west and north west of England.

There have been no reports of injuries or serious damage.

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The BGS said an earthquake happened in the UK every two to three years.

South Wales Police said the earthquake was "minor" and there is no need to call the emergency services unless people need to report damage or injuries.

The earthquake was felt across Wales and parts of England Credit: United States Geological Survey

The quake forced play to be halted at Port Talbot's game with Taff's Well in the Welsh League.

"Temporary stop in play. A recorded earthquake in the area. Incredible", the club tweeted.