No tricks and last place, but Elizabeth Swaney is the halfpipe skier everyone is talking about at Pyeongchang 2018

While winning a medal in the Olympics is the ultimate goal for many athletes, for some even just competing in the games can be a life-long dream.

For Liz Swaney, who came in last place in the women's halfpipe freestyle skiing, that dream has come true.

Giving hope to skiers the world over, the 33-year-old managed to qualify for the Olympics in South Korea, representing Hungary as the country's first Olympic freestyle skier.

Swaney flies inches off the ground during her halfpipe run Credit: AP

The 33-year-old - who is from the US but has a Hungarian grandparent - managed to qualify for the games through sheer persistence, turning up to competitions where she would often come last.

Thanks to the relatively small number of competitors in the field the Harvard graduate made it to Pyeongchang, taking on the qualifying round in which she came 24th out of 24.

Credit: AP

Swaney completed both her qualifying runs without any slip ups, scoring 30 and 31.4 out of 100 respectively.

For comparison, here are two shots of the winner of the event, Canada's Cassie Sharpe, as she successfully completes some daring aerial stunts. Sharpe won the event with a score of 95.8.

Canada's Cassie Sharpe won the event with a score of 95.8 out of 100 Credit: AP
Cassie Sharpe competing in Pyeongchang Credit: AP

"I didn’t qualify for the finals, so I‘m really disappointed with that," Swaney said.

"But I worked really for several years to achieve this. I have been focusing on my Olympic experience but also on the halfpipe here and trying to go higher each time and getting more spins in."

Liz Swaney completed the qualifying round Credit: AP

And while she may have come in last place, Swaney's performance has won her fans online.

Now everyone was so impressed, though, with some suggesting she had "worked the system".