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Theresa May and Cabinet set for crunch Brexit meeting at Chequers

Theresa May is hoping to unite her ministers around the Brexit path. Credit: PA

Theresa May is set to host crunch Brexit talks at Chequers as she bids to unite her Cabinet over Britain's plans for exiting the EU.

Cabinet ministers will meet at the Prime Minister's country retreat on Thursday as they attempt to settle differences between the Leave and Remain camps about how Britain should leave the bloc.

They will try and unite over how "hard" a Brexit and clean a break from the EU should take place.

It comes amid months of inter-party and inter-Parliament clashes over Britain's departure.

Pressure is building on Mrs May to set out a clearer picture of her plan for Brexit with the March 2019 exit date almost a year away.

And leaders in Brussels have repeatedly called on Mrs May to give them a better idea what Britain wants from Brexit.

Cabinet ministers will be meeting at Chequers. Credit: PA

Ahead of the meeting, Mrs May has increasingly found herself in the middle of demands from hard Brexiteers and their Remain counterparts.

Earlier this week she was accused of being "too weak" to face down hard Brexiteers after in the Conservative Party after more than 60 MPs set out their demands for the next stage of EU exit talks.

In a letter, Tory Eurosceptic MPs warned the UK must have full control over laws after Brexit and must not become a "rule taker".

In recent months, her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has broken ranks to demand Britain follow a hard Brexit line.

Former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron claimed that Mrs May had her hands "tied behind her back" by the likes of Mr Johnson, Michael Gove and other Brexiteers.

Mrs May will hope the eight-hour "away day" provides some agreement after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the Government of being on a "road to nowhere" over Brexit.