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Cold this weekend, but turning even colder into next week

It's a cold but quiet weekend, dry and sunny for most. We have a few exceptions, today we see a little more cloud across parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Southwest England and tomorrow it becomes cloudier across eastern parts of the UK with the risk of snow showers for eastern coastal regions by Sunday evening.

The wind is making it feel even colder, but if you think this weekend is cold, it's set to turn colder still into next week.

High pressure will continue to build over Scandinavia and freezing temperatures currently sitting across northern and eastern parts of the Europe, will extend across the UK. Temperatures will be below freezing by day and night with a strengthening easterly wind developing through the week. Along with the freezing temperatures and raw wind, we have the risk of snow showers, with some significant accumulations likely.

Weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office: