In the icy grip of the Beast From the East

We're in the jaws of the Beast From The East - a term forecasters use to describe exceptionally cold air from Russia/Siberia brought in on easterly winds.

Last night we saw temperatures dropped to -9C to the top and tail end of the country and a few centimetres of snow fell across many northern and eastern counties - and it's just the start of a remarkably cold, wintry week.

Temperatures barely above freezing by day again and down to -10C or lower tonight.

There'll be a bracing windchill again blowing the snow around giving terrible visibility.

People walk their dogs on Blyth Beach in Northumberland. Credit: PA

With the unusually dry (and cold) air there'll be less in the way of frost and ice and the focus is on snow.

On Wednesday, there's more snow and more of a windchill - bringing a unbearable cold feel we're not used to.

A system in the Continent named as 'storm Emma' by the Portuguese Met Service is forecast to reach southern Britain later in the week.

Thursday night into Friday morning brings the risk of stronger winds into southern Britain with snow and the chance of freezing rain - creating widespread, dangerously icy conditions.

It looks like we will be frozen into the start the start of March at least.

Spring will not have sprung - Spring is hung. Or on ice, for the time being.