Revealed: Plan for EU migrants during Brexit transition

Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Credit: PA Wire

The home secretary Amber Rudd wants to allow EU citizens who arrive in the UK during the two-year Brexit implementation or transition period a permanent right to stay - but with fewer rights to bring family members here than EU citizens already living here.

The home secretary's proposal is contained in a letter seen by ITV News.

She has written to senior government ministers who are members of the Brexit "war cabinet", or EU Exit and Trade (Strategy and Negotiations) Committee.

"EU citizens and their family members who arrived during [the implementation period]...will be able to stay on and ultimately settle under UK law", she writes.

But she also rejects the demand of the rest of the EU that these migrants' future rights to bring family members to the UK should be superior to those of British citizens.

And Rudd also rejects the EU demand that there should be any role for the European Court of Justice in determining the rights of these migrants who arrive during transition or implementation.

The home secretary's proposal will simultaneously anger EU negotiators, led by Michel Barnier, who argue that EU citizens arriving during the implementation period should have identical rights to those who arrive before Brexit day, 29 March 2019.

And it will also infuriate Brexit-loving Tory MPs and ministers who do not believe EU citizens arriving here after 29 March 2019 should have a permanent right to stay.

The letter is just the latest manifestation of the civil war in cabinet over the terms of our Brexit should be.