PG tips announces switch to plastic-free biodegradable tea bags

PG tips have announced it will be producing fully biodegradable tea bags in a bid to cut down on plastic waste from Britain's favourite hot drink.

The first run of the new teabags, made from a plant-based material that is 100% renewable and biodegradable, will go on sale in UK supermarkets next week.

PG tips said it was working to make all its tea bags from 100% plant based material by the end of the year.

Most tea bags are made using polypropylene, meaning they are not fully sustainable. Unlike the traditional plastic sealing product, the new material is made from corn starch and is fully biodegradable.

Tea bags are the largest contributor to unavoidable waste in the UK, generating 370,000 tonnes every year.

Britons drink 165 million cups of tea a day and according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association the vast majority - 96% - of cups drunk are brewed from tea bags.