Relaxed Meghan Markle shows her Royal future in-laws how to do it

Meghan Markle with the Duchess of Cambridge at the first annual Royal Foundation Forum. Credit: PA

However hard Meghan Markle might be finding the transition from her old job as an actress to her new job as a member of the British Royal Family (and you hear various things on that subject), she has shown this morning how she will bring an element of informality to the role.

Ms Markle was sitting alongside her fiancé Prince Harry and her future in-laws, Prince William and Kate.

What strikes you is how relaxed Meghan is speaking in front of an audience – which may not come as much of a surprise given her previous job.

But compared to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and to a lesser extent Prince Harry, she is very at ease in public.

Although she did show caution when asked about “disagreements” with her future husband when it comes to working together on charity projects. It was then that William and Harry came to her rescue and joked how the disagreements have been coming “thick and fast”.

The young Royals share a joke while on stage at the charitable forum. Credit: PA

Meghan Markle was also very articulate when she spoke of how she wanted to support women’s empowerment when she starts as a “full-time” royal after her wedding in May.

Women already “have a voice” Meghan said, but she wanted to encourage people to listen to what women and girls have to say.

It’s clear she will be a different kind of royal.

That’s partly because she comes from outside the British system: American, actress, married once before, career-minded, ambitious and an independent thinker.

All those things of course might clash with the constraints of the system into which she is getting married. But right now, she is bringing a refreshing new style to the Royal Family.

Which is why this was an important glimpse into the future of the British Monarchy.