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Businessman Matthew Cobden found guilty over Ferrari crash that killed 13-year-old Alexander Worth

Matthew Cobden, 39, was giving a lift to a teenager when he lost control. Credit: PA

A businessman has been found guilty of causing the death by careless driving over a Ferarri car crash which killed a 13-year-old boy.

Matthew Cobden, 39, lost control of the £1.2 million vehicle after offering a ride to teenager Alexander Worth in North Warnborough, Hampshire.

The car hit a post and overturned in the accident. Neither Cobden nor Alexander were were wearing seat belts. and both were thrown from the vehicle.

He was convicted by a majority verdict of 10 to 2.

Alexander Worth, 13, died after being thrown from the car. Credit: PA

The trial heard that Cobden, who runs a storage business for classic cars, had been moving the Ferarri when he was approached by Alexander and his mother's partner.

The pair asked if they could have a photograph of teenager with the Ferrari, at which point Cobden offered to give him a ride in the car.

Cobden had claimed the supercar "accelerated uncontrollably" in a farm lane.

But Thomas Wilkins, prosecuting, said the crash was down to "simple driver error - in other words, Mr Cobden's driving fell below that required of a careful and competent driver."

Neither Cobden or Alexander were wearing seatbelts. Credit: PA

Mr Wilkins said that one explanation for the accident was that the defendant did not realise that the left-hand drive car had "drifted" off the road.

"Another explanation is the defendant misjudged the formidable power of this iconic car, over-accelerated and lost control," he said.

On Tuesday, Cobden broke down in court when he described what happened.

He said "not wearing seat belts is something I think about all the time."

Cobden, of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, will be sentenced on March 26.