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'It was scary, I'm not going to lie' - Bus driver whose quick thinking prevented crash says it looks worse on video

The Edinburgh bus driver whose quick thinking prevented a serious crash says the near-miss looks worse on video, but admits "it was scary when it happened".

Dashcam footage captured the heart-stopping moment the double-decker bus driven by Charmaine Laurie slid out of control towards an oncoming car, before she managed to miraculously corrected the slide.

"It was scary when it happened, I'm not going to lie," Ms Laurie recounted.

"I saw the car in front of me and just had to react quickly.

"I'm glad it went the way it did, because it could have gone really badly.

"It does look a lot worse on the video, it kind of just makes it reality, that scary things can go wrong so quickly."

Despite coming away unscathed from the near miss, Ms Laurie has urged others not to drive in current conditions.

"If you don't have to go out, leave your car, don't go out," she cautioned.

"I think everybody just needs to think about the road conditions and take the warnings that are on the TV."

Richard Hill, the manager of Lothian praised Ms Laurie and said the whoel bus company was "really, really proud of her".

Mr Hill continued that Ms Laurie's reactions had been "amazing" and the whole situation would have been "really, really difficult, you've got to react in a microsecond, and she just took the moment, reacted correctly and went out there and delivered".

Ms Laurie's husband, Andrew, was equally as impressed by the bus driver's skills, but did not know it was his wife in the driving seat, showing her the video and telling her: "I bet you can't drive like this."

"I'd actually seen it [the video] online and put it on Facebook," he explained.

"I picked the wife up from work, thinking : 'You need to see this video, this is brilliant.'

"She had a look at the video I was showing her and realised the video I was showing her was her.